1. Alvar Aalto, Washbasin for the Tuberculosis Sanatorium  in Paimio, Finland, (1929)

    Ink, Pencil and photo collage

    Introducing modern and humanitarian medical practices for the treatment of patients with tuberculosis, Aalto designed a sanatorium (which is today a hospital flooded with sunlight and fresh air, with many practical features not encountered before. He called his building a “medical instrument” Each of the two patients in the room were given their own facilities, including a washbasin. In this drawing, a trimmed photograph was meant to “add a touch of reality” to the line section of the basin and faucet. It illustrates how running water hitting the broad gentle curve of the basin mitigates splashback, thus minimizing noise and cleaning.

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    Alvar Aalto, Washbasin for the Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Paimio, Finland, (1929) Ink, Pencil and photo collage...
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