1. Anselm Kiefer, Six Page Spreads from his Artist Book entitled, “Hoffmann von Fallersleben auf Helgoland” (Meant to Accompany the Exhibit of the Same Name at the Groninger Museum), (1980)

    ‘It is impossible tot write poetry after Auschwitz (Theodor Adorno) is reflected in Kiefer´s approach to visual arts: his work does not come across as a painful and thoughtful rendition of people´s suffering. Slashes , stabs, sorrow and solitude are key words of his art. Cremation and death, extermination and apocalypse also come to mind when examining, for instance, Hoffmann von Fallersleben auf Helgoland. Helgoland was the site of the greatest non/nuclear detonation in history, an event referred to as the ´British Bang´. A battered submarine, smoke and fire, wood barely hanging on and metal sticking out confirm the idea of annihilation.

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