1. Lyubov Popova, Set Design for “Zemlya dybom” (“The Earth in Turmoil”), (1923)

    (from top)

    1)   Set Design Proposal

    2)   Slogan/Placard  (one of many to be projected on the screen during the performance): “Youth replace the oldest - Welcome to the Komsomol!”

    3)   Set construction built for touring performances

    4)   Performance view

    Popova’s set design for Meyerhold’s production of Sergey Tret’yakov’s Zemlya dybom (‘The earth in turmoil’) consisted of a gantry crane, and the stage properties were selected from mass-produced objects such as projectors and motorcycles. By this means, together with the use of projected political slogans and newsreel film, Popova essentially created a three dimensional industrial montage.

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