1. Antony Cairns, From the Series, LDN, (2010)

    Architectural photography, as carried out by architectural specialists, deals in identities, representing known structures at particular sites. Any building, studiously photographed, can be attributed to an architect and builder. Its materials are on show, along with their configuration. Our contemporary tendency is to know places thoroughly, by walking and investigation. You should know the place strenuously in your bones, and research should tell you who walked the same streets once upon a time. In reality, though, most of us pass through urban spaces, attentive to little more than their general feeling, nothing truly “made out”, fathomed or discerned. What these pictures do is to allow us to imagine ourselves uprooted and detached, adrift in an urban memory. From time to time a configuration might ring a bell, suggest a particular underpass or walkway on the Jubilee Line or on the approaches to Waterloo, for instance, but for the most part we are literally all at sea – and a misty sea, at that.

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