1. Rudolf Steiner, First Goetheanum, (1920)

    "After an abortive attempt to build a centre for the anthroposophical movement in Munich, Rudolf Steiner was able to erect the headquarters of his new organization not far from Basel. His entirely timber-clad design was made in 1913. Building soon began and the first Goetheanum was opened in 1920. At the same time, strange edifices connected with the movement grew up around the new ‘temple’ in the grounds at Dornach. The Goetheanum was burnt down on New Year’s Eve, 1922/3 and was replaced by a new building in reinforced concrete. Steiner’s work falls into no stylistic category, its idiosyncrasies and originality makes it as unique as the Czech phase of Rondo-Cubism."

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    Rudolf Steiner, First Goetheanum, (1920)
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