1. Frei Otto and Rolf Gutbrod, German Pavilion “Expo ‘67” in Montreal, (1965-1967)

    For the German pavilion, Otto and Gutbrod interpreted the exhibition motto, “Man and His World” with a “Landscape built by human hands.” The cavernous interior contained modular steel platforms arranged at different levels. The entire area was covered by a single membrane of irregular plan and varying heights. Its contours were determined by the high points of the masts and the low points where the membrane was drawn, funnel- like, down to the ground. Eye loops filled with clear plastic material accentuated these points and the saddle surfaces they created. The prestressed membrane consisted of a translucent skin hung from a steel wire net, which, by eye, ridge, and edge ropes, was connected with the mast heads and anchor blocks.”

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    Frei Otto and Rolf Gutbrod, German Pavilion “Expo ‘67” in Montreal, (1965-1967) For the German pavilion, Otto and...
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