1. Luis Barragan & Mathias Goeritz, Torres de Satélite, (1958)

    The Torres de Satelite (“Satelite Towers”) are located in Ciudad Satelite, in the northern part of Naulcapan, Mexico. One of the country’s first urban sculptures of great dimensions, had its planning started in 1957 with the ideas of renowned Mexican architect Luis Barragan, and sculptor Mathias Goeritz The project was originally planned to be composed of seven towers, with the tallest one reaching a height of 200 meters (about 650 feet), but a budget reduction forced the design to be composed of only five towers, with the tallest measuring 52 meters (170 feet) and the shortest 30 meters (98 feet).

    Goeritz originally wanted the towers to be painted in different shades of orange, but changed his mind later due to some pressure from constructors and investors. It was finally decided the towers would be painted in red, blue and yellow the so called primary subtractive colors with the addition of white.

    Thus, in the first days of March 1958, the Satélite Towers were inaugurated as the symbol of the newborn and modern Ciudad Satélite.

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    Luis Barragan & Mathias Goeritz, Torres de Satélite, (1958) The Torres de Satelite (“Satelite Towers”) are located in...
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