1. Nine Los Angeles Houses

    From “Daydream Houses of Los Angeles”, Charles Jenks, Published by Rizzoli, (1978)

    (From top left)

    1) Picture Frame Classical with Egyptian Cardboard:  The front and sides are in masterful disjunction as are the brick podium and letter box. (8986 Norma)

    2) Wedgewood Mansard with all Possible Symbols:  The electronic gates, urns, cypresses, finials, lighting standards, paving, fountain, LA door are alll greater that the sum of it’s parts. (333 Copa de Oro)

    3) Rustic Door: Typical watered-desert planting The door that breaks the roof line is also normal. (9019 Norma)

    4) Vaux-Le-Vicompte at Fifteen Feet:  Note the second empire lighting, the LA door and topiary petrol pumps (8937 Ashcroft Ave.)

    5) Predatory Mansard with LA Door:  Note the lighting fixtures, excessive rustication, oeil-de boeuf and elongated proportions. (130 Mapleton Drive)

    6) Late Charles Adams with White Pleats: The bungalow extension even swings out, welcoming the car. The remorseless black of this black is not unintentional. (225 North Gower)

    7) Topiary Fascist:  Nature abundant and in chains. Planting surrounds the house and articulates the semi private front garden as well as the door. (8039 Mulholland Drive)

    8)  Uptight Classicist with Upright Door:  Rolls Royce and fireplace overtones mix with Regency and Billboard (8827 Dorrington Ave.)

    9) Egyptoid with Circus Tent and Car Display:  The house changes every few years. Three “replicars” are displayed in the garage off right. (813 Greenway Drive)

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