1. Fillip Dujardin, Architectural Montages

    This Belgian born photographer is obsessed with architecture. When he isn’t taking pictures of the latest creations of the most acclaimed European architects out there, he dives into the creation of these spectacular montages. By simply looking at these images we are left to wonder if they are the creations of a genius architect that was lost in time, or if we are looking at the latest creations of this new wave of young architects, which are changing the appearance of the whole world altogether.

    Utilizing countless photographs of existing buildings and structures, Dujardin is able to manipulate them and tie them together to create new structures, which in many cases would be impossible to construct.

    All of his works start out with a 3d model or a computerized render. After, he starts his ambitious search process looking for buildings with the facades that he needs. The final result ends up being a delicious collection of bizarre and wonderful buildings.

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