1. Frederick Kiesler, The City in Space, Paris, (1925)

    Due to the great success of the exhibition in Vienna in 1924, Josef Hoffmann, the commissioner of the Austrian Pavilion, charges Kiesler with the design of the Austrian section at the “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” in Paris. Kiesler creates a monumental and spatial structure, the City in Space. The Austrian division incorporates models of set design, plans for theatres, drafts for scenes and costumes by Austrian architects and artists. Through this exhibition design, Kiesler presents his visionary ideas on a mega-city.

    The country city: the division of city and country will be abolished
    The time city: time is the measure of organisation of its space
    The space city: it floats freely in space in a de-centralised federation
    dictated by the ground formation
    The automatic city: the processes of daily life are mechanised.
    […] we want:
    1. Transformation of the surrounding area of space into cities.
    2. Liberation from the ground, abolition of the static axis.
    3. No walls, no foundations.
    4. A system of spans (tension) in free space.
    5. Creation of new kinds of living, and, through them, the demands which will remould society.

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