1. Architectural Details of the Tomba Brion-Vega, Designed and Built by Carlo Scarpa, Italy, (1970-1972)

    The Tomba Brion-Vega is an architectural environment built by Caro Scarpa in the years 1970 to 1972 for the Brion Family, in the high times of Italian design (the “Italian miracle”) producers of electronics designed by the likes of Mario Bellini, Marco Zanuso, Achille Castiglioni and Richard Sapper. 

    The environment conveys a sense of Zen, offering different viewpoints with every centimeter your standpoint as an observer is changing, while itself changing all the time by effects of light and shadow, surface and material. The attention to architectural detail is uncompromising, even the positioning of rivets is perfectly balanced. Water and plants are used as architectural material. The environment is mystical and full of subtle historical references to Japanese shrines and Egyptian monuments. 

    This space is transcending the division between built and natural environment, between fluid and fixed, and between space and time. Scarpa himself, also having worked as interior and industrial designer, was born 100 years ago, on June 2, 1906. Never officially recognized as an architect, he died in Japan and is buried on the grounds of the Tomba Brion-Vega. In the words of Carlo Scarpa himself: “I consider this work, if you permit me, to be rather good and which will get better over time. I have tried to put some poetic imagination into it, though not in order to create poetic architecture but to make a certain kind of architecture that could emanate a sense of formal poetry….” 

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