1. Ant-house, mA-style architects (2012)

    From the architects:

    "The outer wall of black covers whole cube, and that screens visual field completely. Inside of heavy door, the space turns to vivid yellow covered by larch plywood. It seems that the world changed. It looks like hiding place. This is the house which lives married couple and their three sons."

    "We planned ambiguous space without partition a room. By doing so, it makes us free use of the space."

    "First of all, we drew simple rectangle without any daring idea on the ground for suiting the cost. Second, we sat up panels along the line. Then, we lined kitchen, washroom, desk and storage shelfs. The space is like a room, but it also would be passage. In the middle of first and second , we placed free place. Top of the space is gable roof, it makes new blank in the house. The blank is free, the sunlight and the wind comes into the space from aperture. In the night time, we can hear the sining of insects and also can feel moonlight."

    "The space also enable us to see each other. The space that has no partition does not have usual conception as a room. So, we can give the role for the space as our favor."

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