1. Voringsfossen Waterfall Area, Designed by Carl-Viggo Holmebakk, 2013

    Vøringsfossen is the largest waterfall in Norway and the third most visited tourist attraction, next to the Vigeland Sculpture Park and Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo. The project covers a large area, including a visitors centre, a footbridge over the waterfall, several lookout points and service facilities. The area also includes an existing hotel.

    The ambition of the project is to showcase one overarching quality. The project embraces the canyon and the waterfall. The footpath establishes a continual experience, constantly pursuing new viewpoints, new sounds, spaces and moods. The main challenge of the project is to make structures on the very edge of the rock. Buildings and platforms have to be anchored about 1.5m back from the cliff, both because of geological conditions and to avoid costly scaffold work. The 42-meter staircase footbridge is designed in seven pre-fabricated elements to be mounted by helicopter.

    An important part of the plan is to re-grow local plant species and re-establish vulnerable vegetation destroyed by heavy foot traffic. The area will be drifted by grazing animals.