1. A Room for Francis Bacon, 2012, Designed and built by Andrew Burns, Architect

    "We have been invited to submit a work for a document accompanying the AGNSW Francis Bacon exhibition. I was surprised to discover that Bacon started as a furniture designer, and the concept seeks to reconcile this fact with Bacon’s imagery of despair."

    The catalogue text is as follows:

    The work offers a transformation. from the outside, it appears as a piece of fine furniture; alluding to Bacon’s early career as a furniture designer; replete with shadowlines, bookmatching and other affections. Somehow, it also has the presence of a classical institution; symmetrical, composed and slightly oppressive. Small breaks between the solid volumes admit light into the space within. Internally, slits of light become edges of a glowing frame, tinged with a golden light and contrasting to the blackness of the interior surfaces. The frame recreates Bacon’s prisons, such as in the image of Pope Innocent X. The despair of Bacon’s imagery is however transformed into hope as the frame is made by light.

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