1. Joseph Staples, Black Falun series 3, (2014)

    Collaged chloroplast prints on panel


  2. Rudy/Godinez, Wire #6, (2012)


  3. vansmirren:

    C190   -2013-

    (via bizarredisco)


  4. Rudy/Godinez, Across Grand, (2012)


  5. Thomas Barrow, Two Photographs from the Series “Cancellations”, (1973-1981)

    "It’s unclear whether Barrow is canceling the photograph or the scene in the picture. He is certainly calling attention to the matrix that produced the photograph, an unheard of practice at the time he shot this series and still rare today. By defacing his negatives, he has created photographs that are as much about the physical image as they are about the subject in the photograph."

    (Source: rudygodinez)


  6. Daisuke Yokota, Two Untitled Photographs from the Series “Site”, (2011)


  7. Paul Rooney, Thin Air, (2009)

    Sound lecture with images, duration 60 minutes, edition of 3


  8. Hubert Becker, Saltine Box (nach Paul Outerbridge), (2011)


  9. Martine Franck, Ile de France region. Parc de Sceaux, (1987)


  10. N.V. Bogaevskii, Tomb of the Saint Kassim ibn Abass (Shakh-Zinde), (1865)