1. G. Marks, Equilibrium Study with Glass and Metal, (1928)

    A student project from the Bauhaus preliminary course taught by Josef Albers.


  2. Rudy/Godinez, Untitled, (Hanging Fly], {2013}


  3. Seb Jarnot, Bridge, (2014)


  4. László Moholy-Nagy, Film Still from “Light Spill: Black-White-Grey”, (1930)

    This short film made by László Moholy-Nagy is based on the shadow patterns created by his Light-Space Modulator, an early kinetic sculpture consisting of a variety of curved objects in a carefully choreographed cycle of movements.


  5. Unknown Photographer, The “Telephone Tower” in Stockholm, (1890’s)


  6. Pier Luigi Nervi, Aviorimesse di Cemento Armato, Orvieto, (Reinforced Concrete Hangars, Orvieto), (1938)

    (Source: wmud, via wayofthesamvrai)


  7. Alan Cohen, Untitled Photograph, Berlin, (1996)


  8. Michelle Brea, Untitled Photograph, (2009)

    "A great commotion immobilized her in her center of gravity … her defensive will was demolished by the irresistible anxiety to discover what the orange whistles and the invisible globes on the other side of death were like."

    (Gabriel Garcia Marquez- One Hundred Years Of Solitude)


  9. Denise Bellon, Marcel’s Bosoms Pop Out, (1947)

    Gelatin silver print mounted on cardboard with an inscription by Fredrick Kiesler.

    (Source: rudygodinez)


  10. Man Ray, Untitled Photo Collage, (1924)